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Spooky Hollow
Spooky Hollow

Spooky Hollow is interactive children book app by Jason Nguyen

Overview: Spooky Hollow is interactive children book where your kids read all famous and amazing storie through a good graphics. The Spooky Hollow is a Halloween-themed land where many different wonderful creatures live in harmony. The first story of the Spooky Hollow series is: The Pumpkin Festival. A picture express everything rather than text so here your kids easily learn new things and grab good things from this amazing app. Just select one of your favorite books using Spooky Hollow app and after that see the representation of characters. It will teach your children’s very easily and surely your kids never leave your mobile device.

User Interface: This app specially designed for kids who learn new things every day. Here children learn moral and lessons with new stories that are updated. Interactive children’s books are a subset of children’s books that require participation and interaction by the reader. Here the participation is done by children’s and their parents who want their kids on high with quality. Let’s collect the exciting interactive books for your child with Spooky Hollow app today and share with your child to read it.

Graphics: This free reading app for kids makes it a joy to get your children engaged in reading. It is 2D graphic based app for kids where characters of books looks like real so your kids definitely enjoy this app as well as its books characters. It is a spectacular story book with full 2D graphics so you will enjoy the entire 2D effects. This 2D graphic has great looking characters and special effects so you feel like you are in Halloween-themed land with creatures.

Features: It is a fully interactive story book where three skeleton pumpkin farmers who are growing this season’s batch of pumpkins. It has hand drawn background and characters with wonderful voice narration. Its great features differentiate this app from others. Children and adults of all ages will definitely enjoy the adventures of the Spooky Hollow Creatures.

Overview: 4.0

User Interface: 4.5

Graphics: 4.0

Features: 4.5

Kids Friendly : 4.0



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