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Facebook Messenger update: Read SMS messages now on messanger

SMS messages have now been integrated into the Facebook Messenger Android app, Facebook announced on its website. Instead of using a separate messaging app for SMS conversations, users have the option of including these texts in the Messenger app. SMS messages will appear in purple while Facebook messages will appear in the traditional blue. In addition, SMS in messenger supports rich content such as stickers, emojis, GIFS and more.

“We hope that this new choice will bring the convenience of being able to access all your messages in one place, making your messaging a lot simpler and helping you stay on top of your conversations,” said Facebook.

This feature isn’t enabled by default, you must go to the settings menu in the Facebook Messenger app, tap SMS and then enable Default SMS app.

Responding to why this feature wasn’t in place on iOS, Facebook said, “iOS doesn’t currently support app permissions for accessing text messages/SMS.” Another win for Android.

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