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Your Property Partner

My Property Partner App or MPPA Lite is the world’s fastest building inspector app that will solve all your problems related to property inspections. It has caused a revolution in the world of real estate with a few simple touches. It is simple, feature-packed and effective. These features allow it …

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Tap some Red Green and Blue in life

Who doesn’t like playing new and exciting games? Games help you relax and forget about your day to day stress. Although after a while, most of the games get boring, but don’t worry, there is a new, exciting game in the market that will never get old thanks to the …

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Compliments Right At The Clikq Of Your Finger

Everyone loves appreciation and compliments. There is hardly anyone who does not like being flattered and praised. Compliments don’t just boost your self-value and confidence but they can also help you work with added passion and dedication. Sometimes a simple compliment from someone special can change the trajectory of your …

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Racing to Read–A Virtual Teacher for Your Child

There are many ways to teach a child to read but it happens sometimes that someone finds it difficult or time-consuming. Teaching a child with fun is the most suitable way for his or her proper development. The initial stage of a child’s learningis sometimes the most important and difficult …

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