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Social Networking

Making Every Talent Count With We Rockstar!

In every corner of the world, there is something that needs to be differentiated well. With this easy to use the platform, we make sure every talent best performing singer acting is coming into the limelight and receiving the right value! Specialties of We RockStar An easy to use and …

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Numbertank means social messaging & latest trend

Description: There are so many ways to stay connected with your friends & family in nowadays. Thanks to technology and various social platforms. Recently a new application has launched which I found while randomly searching. The name of the app is Numbertank which is available on the iOS platform. It’s …

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Find your right date with FWBDR

Description: Man is a social animal and you can’t live alone. It’s really boring and that’s why many young people seek for the date. Now the question raise, where to find the date? The answer to this is FWBDR. It is a dating application which helps in grabbing the right …

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Grab threesome hookup with Swindr

Description: Most of us know about the swinging in which there is swapping of partners and that can be between husband-wife and any other couples. It is all about the fun but it’s not as easy to grab it. For solving out this problem, Swindr is for you, a mobile …

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Clikq simply means enjoying your video calling

Description: Clikq is a mobile application for the purpose of doing video calling with your friends. It works on the concept of discovering and closer. It allows you to follow your friend and be closer together in a trusty way. This app allows you to get connected with your friends through face time. Clikq Features: …

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